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Brevard Zoo Series
The Kookaburra is the first in a series of paintings of the animals and birds that are living in our wonderful Brevard Zoo.
These paintings are also included on the Birds page and the Wildlife page.
They are duplicated here to show the entire series in one location.

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Brevard Zoo Black Swan
Brevard Zoo - Flamingo
Brevard Zoo - Colonel - Blue and Gold Macaw
Brevard Zoo - King Vulture
Original Sold
(Limited Edition Prints Available)
Brevard Zoo - Lorikeets
Thor II - Brevard Zoo Hyacinth Macaw
Original Sold
(Limited Edition Prints Available)
Phil - Brevard Zoo Jaguar
First Place in Watercolor at
the Titusville Annual Spring Show
Howard - Brevard Zoo Rhinoceros
Brevard Zoo Kookabura
Original Sold
(Limited Edition Prints Available)
Milenna & Rafeano - Brevard Zoo Mom and baby giraffe (Donated to a raffle for the zoo)